Pricing plans for teams of all sizes

Choose from our flexible pricing plans. We charge based on speed increases. The more speed, the less per each we charge.

Payment frequency


For initial setup.

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  • Initial automated setup
  • Manual help by our team
  • Initial number of runs to try the product
  • Unlimited team members


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Grow As Much As You Need.

tailored for Your company

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  • Everything from Free
  • Scale up to 30x the speed
  • Simple pricing per acceleration
  • More speed, less price per concurency
  • Exclusive Slack channel for support


Unlimited Possibilities

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  • Any customizations for your project
  • Scale up to 256x faster
  • Pricing guarantee*

Adding a new project was as simple as it could be.

Leo Bennet
Senior developer at Lambda Devs

Flexible pricing is scaling with our company as we grow.

Aleksandar Soch
CEO at LinkLuna