Creating software solutions that work

We are continuously developing new concepts to create solutions that transform the way you work. Our tools simplify and accelerate workflows, foster creativity, and enable others to create new products faster

Our values

We believe in building great products. That's why we wanted to support great teams on their path to success.

Our competence
building products in Ruby on Rails for the past 13 years granted us experience which we want to share.
Take responsibility.
Doing PRs on code that gets merged along with proper code review to make product even better.
Be supportive.
We are active in community as contributors to open source and mentoring Rails girls.
Always learning.
Even after so many years in industry, we have still much to learn. Staying open to new knowledge is our way to go.
Trying your best.
Nobody is at the top all the time, but trying to upgrade our processes and skills is a constant.
Choosing calm
Stres usually doesn't bring any good. Keeping calm even in emergencies leads to quality reactions.