Everything you need

Beautiful UI with useful information.

Plaform comes with UI with useful information for each developer. Making debugging much easier.

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Budget efficient

Get more for less

You'll get 20% or more budget efficient solution. No more complex pricing options, one pricing for the most powerful setup. We believe in supporting great teams be better.

Unlimited team members included.
Yes, that is correct, we don't charge extra based on number of team members you have.
One price per speed.
No more surprices at the end of the month based on your run time minutes. Transparent and simple.
Features included.
Get autodection, metrics, various plugins all included in basic price.
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More functionality

Extensions worth a ton

Get additional services built-in for a portion of a price compared to using external tools. All in one place

Code coverage.
Know your test coverage at all times, along with the changes compared to previous build.
Code quality.
No need for external tools that chage $$$, use our built-in code quality solution.
Many more.
Many more other tools like security checks, static checks, bundler audit, everything for you Rails project.

Boost your productivity.
With free onboarding.

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